My friend E at emyselfandi celebrates Wednesdays by sharing her midweek confessions.  Today, I’m going to join her. [I  “linked up” to E’s blog, and I definitely mispelled my blog title.  Awesome.]

Here we go:

I’ve been suffering from a bout of “blog envy.”  I’ve been thinking things like, “I don’t have enough followers/comments/readers/etcetera.”  I’m not sure what to do about these thoughts other than flush them down the toilet.

This morning, I woke up and didn’t hear the dogs.  I thought that Gregg had taken them to work.  I was thankful not to have “anyone to take care of but myself.”  (I feed them and walk them.  Its not like having a baby.) It turned out that they had been secluded to the sunroom because they got dirty this morning.  I’ll have to take care of them after all.

I’ve started drying our clothes on the clothesline out back.  This is partly to save energy, partly because our dryer takes three cycles to get clothes dry, and partly because I think they look pretty hanging up, blowing in the sea breeze.

I’ve been watching more TV at nighttime since we moved here.  I knit and watch TV.  Its one of those things that I don’t like but do any ways.  It makes me feel yuglck.

In an effort to continually move towards Team Grace, I’m hoping that these confessions will not weigh me down.  (Even though writing them down is feeling more heavy than I anticipated.)  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to write them down and release them.

I love the mornings.  (Not really a confession, but I’m getting depressed with all the confession negativity.)  I’ve been reading and writing and journaling and being quiet in our sunroom ever since we got to this house.  I haven’t been walking in the mornings like I originally planned, but these mornings have become sacred to me.  I think that having no internet at the house helps.  I can just be without diving into emails and pinterest and all the other amazing distractions of the world wide web.