I hate taking out the trash.  As in, I won’t do it.  What I will do is bag it up, take the bag out of the trashcan, and set it by the door.  Could I be any more obvious?

Gregg and I have kitchen issues.  He likes hearty meals, while I like lighter fare.  Since I haven’t been working, I’ve been cooking more than usual.   Last night was my best hearty meal yet.  I think it was a success because it tasted like a McDonald’s hamburger.

My library “spending” sprees are not cutting it any more.  I want to go shopping for real.  We have so many antique stores and a handful of thrift stores in the area.  I’ve got to go.

I had a job interview across the Bay.  I surprised myself when I was excited pass shopping centers filled with stores like Target, Barnes & Noble, Buffalo Wild Wings, and TJMaxx.  Even the Y got me excited.  Like I said, we have some thrift stores on the Shore, but not much else.  There’s a Wal-Mart 40 minutes away and two old-school department stores called Peebles and Roses.  Can you see why Target and TJMaxx thrilled me?  I really  want this job.

I’m late for midweek confessions.  Two weeks in a row.