“I feel God with water.”  This is what I said to Gregg as we were walking along the beach the first week that we moved here.  It sounded simple, but I meant it and I still mean it.  I also feel God with flowers.  Reading about gardening and flowers this morning, trying to pump my brain full of new information, I feel God.  Its His world, His creation, His design.  Planting, sowing, watering, pruning, growing.    What a metaphor.

Gregg moved the majority of his chicks to greener and wider pastures.  They had been in our shed.  All 220 of them.  He brought several back to the shed because they were either too small or they were getting pecked by the other birds.  The other day he let them roam around the backyard and watched over them while eating pistachios.  When it was time to bring them back into the shed, they took off.  It seemed near impossible to herd them.  Two of them started making a nest near the marsh behind our house, not wanting to go where it was warm and dry.  Not wanting to accept the food and water Gregg gives them in the shed.  I was laughing while Gregg was chasing these little baby chickens around the yard.   He eventually had to crawl through the sea oats and snag them.  I think there’s another analogy/metaphor here, but I don’t feel like going into it.

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Along with chick-tending, Gregg may take on another venture.  Beekeeping. Recently, he went to a beekeeper’s workshop.  He wants to keep bees for their honey.  Duh.  He was telling me the different ways to get bees for your hive.  1. Buy them from a bee dealer and receive a box of bees in the mail.  He’s received 300 baby chicks in the mail, but somehow a box of bees sounds a little scarier.  2. Purchase bees from a local beekeeper.  3.  Catch a swarm.  Of course, he wants to catch a swarm of wild bees.  And, luckily, there’s a man in town who has been known to catch swarms.  It’s become his M.O.  The swarm catcher.  I might butcher this but I’m going to give it a try.  When bees swarm, that means they leave their hive and fly off in search of another hive.  They set up an in-between place to live up in the trees.  The “scouts” venture out from the tree-nest to find the next place to set up their hive.  Each scout comes back and dances for the queen.  The dance signifies that they have found a good place.  The queen then decides which dance she likes the best, and the bees travel to the winner’s chosen place to set up their new hive.  Evidently, to catch a swarm, you can either summon the bees down from the tree, box them up, and take them home.  Or, you can lure the bees to your house using pheromones.  These pheromones will guarantee that the scout that comes to your house will dance the most queen-satisfying dance.  My apologies to any bee experts if I totally butchered the explanation of a swarm.  I tried my best.

So…we might become beekeepers.

Ironically, the day that Gregg decided he wanted to become a beekeeper, I decided that I wanted to knit a beekeeper’s quilt.  This is going to take forever, but, right now, all I’ve got is time.

P.S.  I’m having trouble posting pictures onto my posts.  Wikipedia will let me, but otherwise, no can do.  Tips?