So, I realize that I’ve been completely silent on this issue. I bragged about Fun-employment for a month, and now its been almost two.  The deal is, I’ve had a series of disappointing interviews.  “We like you, but you’re not qualified.”  Great.

BUT!  I start shadowing on Monday.  Nothing is definite, but I’m very hopeful.  They gave me one of those W-4 tax forms.  Its an NP position at a private practice across the Bay.  This means that I will have an hour commute, BUT I’ll get to work in Women’s Health.  I may have gotten a less specialized degree if I knew we were moving to such a rural place, but I can’t go back now.  AND, I’ve been studying over the past couple of weeks.  Basically I’ve been re-learning what I already know, and I’ve been reassured.  I like what I’m re-learning.  HOORAY!  I don’t think I’d enjoy studying the more generalized stuff as much.

Not really sure how much to talk about work on here yet, but I wanted to give a mini-update on what was happening.

Happy St. Patty’s Day & Happy B-day to my Nini!