Max had his ACL repair surgery last week.  It just about broke the bank, but not completely.  He’s been perma-whining ever since we picked him up from the vet.  Pitiful.  I worry about him.  I worry about him going up and down the stairs.  (I don’t want him to put too much pressure on his good leg and tear another ACL.  My vet told me that that can happen.)  I worry about his incision getting infected.  (He seems to be licking around the incision, but not too much on the incision itself.)  And then there’s the whining, I worry about that.  Is he hurting?  Is he just sad that he can’t go outside and chase the chickens?  Does he just not like the look of his newly shaved leg?  Probably yes to all.

I’m wondering, am I displacing my “I want to be a mom”-ness onto him?  Is that where all this worry comes from?  Maternal instinct or something?  Will I feel this soft towards him once we do have kids?  Gregg tells me that I have to keep loving’ on Max and Roo once we have a family.  He also tells me not to worry about Max.  Not possible.