My enemies.  Shade.  Wind.  Squirrels.  And now our very own chickens.  My garden is failing.  I’m thinking about moving it to my neighbors’ porch.  It would be safer there.  I had all but given up on my cluster of pots last week, when I looked out onto our porch and saw 2 of the 4 chickens that we keep at the house.  They were eating my soon-to-be flowers and the oh-so-skinny chives.  I just laughed.  I was already over it at that point.

I think instead of completely giving up, I’ll transition my porch garden into a porch herb garden.  You’ve got to start somewhere, right?  I think I read somewhere that herbs are the easiest kind of plant to grow.  In my case, they have to be easy, sturdy enough to sustain the weather, and inedible to any animal besides a human.