I told myself that I would not blog at work, but, really, what choice do I have?  I have not wanted to blog lately.  I have not felt like I had anything to say.  This is kind of weird because we have so much going on.  I’m still figuring out all of this working/living/resting/blogging/keeping house stuff.  How can I do it all?  Not sure.  Blogging at work may be a start though.

Mini update:  I went on a girls’ weekend with my BFFs from college only to return to a husband with severe abdominal pain.  (Gregg was the one with the abdominal pain, not me.)  At first I thought the pain was due to missing me too much.  It wasn’t.  The doctor thought that the pain might be his gall bladder, but all the tests they ran came back negative.  Luckily, we avoided an ER visit (and the bill that would have gone with it).  We’ve also perked up our diet to include more leafy greens, fresh foods, while avoiding the fatty meats and whathaveyou.  You would think we would have learned our healthy eating lesson by now.  He works on an organic farm, afterall.

What else?  I’m switching jobs.  I’m currently working at an office that specializes in hormone therapy.  The doctor that offered me a job is a psychiatrist in Virginia Beach.  It is a change from women’s health (which I love), but there is the possibility of working closer to home in the future.  We’ll see…  This doctor takes a holistic approach to psychiatry.  More on that later.

Hmmm…  We’re moving (again!) to a farmhouse in July.  I’m not sure when livestock will be joining us at our homestead, but that is the goal.  Gregg had been referring to himself as a farmless farmer for some time.  These two acres with barn and fencing will fix that.

Okay, I think that’s all for now.  🙂