I tried on over ten tops at TJMaxx yesterday and didn’t like any of them.  This is concerning to me.  I used to be SUCH a TJMaxx girl.  I’ve been thinking about why the tops didn’t work.

One:  Annoyance.  There were annoying loud-talkers in the store.  What I mean is a group of women were talking and laughing loudly.  After a day of work, I tried to escape.  They were bothering me.  Hello!  I’m trying to shop.  Can you please be quiet?  A reasonable request, right?  Then, when I was about half-way through trying on my stuff in the dressing room, I hear them.  The loud-talkers found me in the dressing room.  I had to get out after trying on about 3/4ths of my goods.

Two:  Colors.  One of my ex-co-workers did “Color Analysis” as a side job.  After poking and prodding her for several weeks, I convinced her to give me a mini-Color Analysis.  She was reluctant, since women will normally (get this) pay her to go shopping with them while she tells them which colors do and don’t look good on them.  She gave me a freebie.  Since consulting with her, I’ve gravatated towards “my colors.”  I’m Spring, which means, coral, turquoise, taupe, ivory, NOT black and NOT white.  Those are only for Winters.  Apparently, not beige/tan either.  Because everything I tried on in that color was blah-looking.  I looked up the entire Spring palette yesterday, and there’s more variety/diversity than I thought.  Now, I seem to know now when a color looks bad on me (anything that’s not Spring), when I used to be content with cute and cheap no matter the color.

Three:  Snobbery/Higher Standards.  When I started working professionally,I allowed myself to get some more expensive, higher-end clothes.  (Ok, I went to the mall.)  And its been so nice to have clothes that don’t have holes, aren’t picked, and are just overall well-made.  I just felt like everything I tried on in that store was about to fall apart.

BUT! I did buy a $4 shirt at a thrift store after my trip to TJMaxx was a bust.  I guess snobbery hasn’t totally taken over.