Hee hee.  Did I fool you?  This is not my belly, not yet any ways.  Most of you readers probably already know this, but…I’m pregnant.  Hopefully my belly won’t ever be as lumpy as the make shift one that they let me use in the Motherhood Maternity dressing room to simulate a pregnant belly.  First trimester down, two to go!


Along with my pregnancy, I’ve got to announce that we’ve got two new kitties.  Tootie and Chief are named after the TV show Treme (a song and a character).

Gregg got me hooked on the show last year mid-winter.  Its set in post-Katrina New Orleans and it focuses on music, food, and the culture of the town.  New Orleans itself is a character in the show.

After protesting and pouting to Gregg that I did not want more animals to care and pay for, he brought them home from the vet without getting the final stamp of approval from me.  I. Love. Them.

These kittens are most perfect companions for a pregnant girl.  I’m craving to love on and cuddle with a new baby, and these kittens provide the perfect substitute (for now).