What I’m thankful for…

Pumpkin spice lattes AND Gingerbread lattes from Starbucks.  (I usually get decaf, ok?)

Birthday money, including a gift certificate to Gap.

Two dogs, two cats, and a sweet husband.

A BFF coming to see me this weekend with her husband and baby.

A job that’s my most favorite that I’ve ever had.

A baby and a belly that’s just starting to poke out.

Holidays coming up where we get to see family, both coming to us and going to them.

A free dinner tonight, thank you drug rep.

Pay day.

Plants purchased at a discounted price (anything purchased at a discounted price!).

Connecting with my friends that live on the other side of the country (Meg and Julie).

Talking to other pregnant girls about being pregnant (especially about maternity clothes).

The beginning of my 29th year.

Scarves, sweaters, knitting, fall colors.

Its sometimes hard to get started, but once you get going, more things to be thankful for just keep coming up.  This was effective therapy, since I felt like I had been too negative lately. (Example: a post entitled “woes.”)