I’m really getting into learning about labor and birth.  I love reading about what to do to prepare and what the experience could possibly be like.  Lea calls the experience of medication-free contractions Laborland.  Sounds like Candyland, but I don’t think there’s much of a similarity.

But, I’ve been having some issues with the natural childbirth books that I’ve been reading.

First, what I love.  I love hearing what a female body is capable of doing.  I love hearing about the power of the mind when in labor: not feeling safe (i.e. someone that you don’t like/don’t trust coming into the labor room) can actually make a woman regress in her labor.  Woa.  I’m interested in learning what I need to do to prepare, both mentally and physically, and I love when these books help me do that.  And I love that, with their books, they share an alternative approach to the traditional, mainstream hospital setting.

What I don’t like is the total anti-establishment, anti-modern medicine attitude that some of these authors take.  I get it, its important for women to be informed about their choices and understand the interventions that may be offered to them in the hospital.  I just don’t like the bashing.  I don’t like painting every medication used for induction like it is going destroy your baby and your body.  There are risks with these medications, certainly, but the way they are presented could instill a lot of unnecessary fear.  I feel like the tone should be more to inform and not bash, but I don’t think an unbiased view on this subject exists and maybe it shouldn’t.

I think I’m sensitive about this issue because I’ve worked in the environment that they are bashing, and it is very protocol-driven.  I don’t like the Ob/Gyn’s and hospital staff being portrayed as uncaring clock-watchers (they are out there, but its not the majority).  Just don’t bash my friends!  I know the doctors and the nurses that work in the establishment and the majority of them care so much about their patients and want to take very good care of them throughout their pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Bloggers, sometimes do you think you are repeating yourself in your posts?  Sometimes, I think, have I said this before…?  Hope I’m not being too repetitive.