I splurged.  I bought this woven Dolcino wrap to carry our baby.  Its was 30% off, okay?  Don’t judge!


Dolcino baby wrap

Why I’m excited:

  • Its really pretty.
  • Our cat Tootie liked being carried around in it.
  • It feels like a good idea to carry a baby around close to you like this/to “wear” the baby.(a lot of my mothering ideas are coming from this…a feeling.  Is it an instinct?  Not sure.  I guess I’ll find out eventually if these feelings are pointing us in the right direction.)
  • I would like to be carried around like this.
  • It came with a How-to/Why Baby-wearing is so great booklet.
  • I have a new friend that is really into Baby-wearing and wraps and even wants to become an educator on the whole thing.  She got me into it.
  • It makes our baby seem more real.
  • I think Gregg is going to like it, even those he’s rolling his eyes/laughing at my excitement over it right now.
  • Along with being good for the baby (bonding, attachment, nursing, etc. (I’m trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about, but I don’t)), it seems and looks cool.  This is a good reason to make a purchase, right?
  • If we like it, we can use it forever.

Why I’m not sure if it was worth the expense:

  • Our baby won’t like it.
  • Gregg and I won’t like wearing it.
  • It will be too confusing to figure out how to wear it.
  • I’m going to worry about the baby falling out or not being able to breathe.
  • I could make one out of more inexpensive fabric that would work just as well.

Looks like the reasons for excitement have won over when placed up against the “not sure if its worth it.”