Spring 2012:

Create a garden.  a work in progress.  Sadly, this was a failure.

Summer 2012:

Tend the garden and eat from the garden. Maybe we can whip up a Fall garden?

Make a wearable item of clothing with the sewing machine. Didn’t happen.

Fall 2012:

Make a quilt.

For the year of 2012:

Stick to a budget without going crazy.


Make friends.  slowly but surely.

Find a church.

Read an intimidating classic. slowly reading Jane Eyre, there’s just so many other books that I also want to read.  I quit.  Harry Potter was just so much more entertaining!

Feel comfortable and confident as a Nurse Practitioner.  not quite.  Getting there.

Run/walk/bike/do yoga consistently.  Not all of these, just be active consistently.  Joined a gym.

Join/start a Book Club.  This can go along with making friends. Yes!  I hate not achieving/completing/accomplishing things, but this Book Club is in full swing.  We even have Facebook page.