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I think I’m removed enough from my lengthy interview process to post this.  This advise could be very helpful to anyone out there that is in the position of hiring and interviewing.  All of this advise, unfortunately, is from experience.

1. In an interview, ask questions.  And, get this, listen to the answers.

2. Listen.  (Already mentioned, but still important.)  Let your listening be more frequent than your talking.

3. Talk about money.  Don’t make your interviewee bring up the subject of wages.  Be up front, let them know how much you are going to pay them.  They want to know, you know they do.

4. Call.  When you say that you are going to call the interviewee/future employee, give them a time frame.  And, then, call them within that time frame.

5. Make up your mind.  If you say something, stick to it.  Don’t make promises in an interview that you won’t be able to keep later.

6. Don’t give false hope.  If you say “maybe you can take over this company one day,” make sure you actually hire the person.


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