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I’m having a blog identity-crisis.  On the internet, I have the freedom to decide what image I want to project of myself.  Do I want to be funny and clever, insightful and intuitive, fun and happy-go-lucky, super duper honest to the point of woa, too much information?  I know I’m probably over-thinking this, but I want to be genuine.  The various blogs out there have different angles.  There’s the mommy blogs and the craft blogs and the opinion blogs.  Right now, I’m just me.  This blog is pretty much me and my thoughts trickled with the happenings in our new home.  I really don’t what to paint an everything-is-so rosy picture, but I want to avoid TMI.

Maybe I want more to report.  I can only show off so many pictures of two cute dogs.  I don’t have a growing baby, but I do have a room with a view.  I thought of a catchy rhyme this week compare=despair.  I don’t think my identity crisis solely comes from comparing myself to other people.  Its more coming from comparing myself to myself.

On a different note, my job has been slow to start.  I realized this week that I’m finding my identity in the question, am i hired or not?  If the answer is yes, I’m smart and capable and likable and worthwhile.  If the answer is no, I find myself the opposite of all those things.  But I’m still me.  Job or no job, I’m the same person.  My friends and family love me just the same, but the way that I view myself becomes different based on my employment status.

So, I’m just waiting.  Ugh, that word.  Is that a recurring theme in anyone else’s life?  Just waiting to make the move from an almost-job to a job.

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