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When Gregg and I were living in San Francisco, we were part of a group called reImagine.  Its difficult, if not impossible, to classify reImagine.  Church?  Para-church?  Non-profit?  They are a group of people, led by Mark Scandrette, seeking to learn and live and love like Jesus.  They are not afraid to ask questions and seek God in non-conventional ways.

They have committed to live into 7 vows, which they developed together based on Scripture.  Simplicity.  Creativity.  Service.  Obedience.  Prayer.  Community.  Love.   Each year, they conduct workshops that focus on each vow.

Three years ago, Gregg and I participated in a workshop called Experiments in Truth.  The workshop took place during the Lenten season.  The idea was to make a change in your outer life that would promote inner growth.  Rather then asking the question: what should I give up for Lent?  They led us in asking a series of other questions.  When asking the questions, they encouraged us not to think too hard about them, but to write down the first things that came to mind.

The questions went something like this:

What areas of your life are in need of growth?

What distracts you/slows your progress from experiencing growth?

What can you commit to abstain from/limit in order to promote growth? [This was supposed to be measurable and specific.]

What new action will you engage in to “replace” what you are abstaining from?

How will you track and record our progress?

Three years ago, I tracked my progress using one word journal entries.

I’ve gone through the questions myself this year and come up with some answers.  I need peace and friendship.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

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