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I think my blog is like a prayer.  I do not say this in a braggy way but in a thankful one.  I want to start a garden, right? Since our yard is full of shade-giving trees, I thought a community garden might be the way to go. I have a young-at-heart neighbor with 8 kids, and I thought she might be a good person to ask about a garden.  I had been nervous to knock on her door and ask for her thoughts.  While walking the dogs today, guess who comes pouring out of her house?  My young-at-heart neighbor.  We chatted about this and that, and then I asked her about my community garden idea.  She smiled and almost shouted that she’d been trying to get one started for years.  Yes!

She said that her problem in the past has been the deer.  Several years ago just when her tomatoes were ripe, the deer jumped her not-so-sturdy fence and consumed all her ripe veggies.  We need a fence and a fence builder to keep out these pests, and then we will be set to go.

The plan is to have one in her backyard.  I was secretly hoping that she would offer the use of her backyard, since she lives right across the street.  Not even a community garden, just our garden, for our families.  My family of two and her family of ten (!).  I have a partner, which I have needed for gardening, since, like I mentioned before, I’m clueless.  AND she knows of another neighbor that can be our gardening mentor.  Mildred.  I can’t resist recording her name for all to see.

So, today.  I found a friend, a partner, a mentor.  And hope.  God’s listening to me.  Even to my simple requests like…I want a garden.

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