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Last Sunday, we had finally decided on a church.  We were a little reluctant about it.  It was the one with all of the sweet old people that I mentioned several months ago.  Its very traditional and liturgical, but similar in structure to our church in Knoxville.  And it is close to our house.  (I don’t know whether to talk about the church in past tense or present tense, so I’m doing a little bit of both.)  We really liked the pastor.  He was kind of our deciding factor.  The other churches that we have visited all have their own strengths and struggles, and, since we could agree that we liked what this pastor had to say, we finally made a decision.

It started out kind of boring, which is to be expected.  I’m not trying to be irreverent here, just honest.  The service was boring at first.  Then, the pastor gave his sermon.  He had good things to say, which is typical for him.  Communion came next, which I love.  And we ended with a song that I both recognized and liked.  Then, a gentleman made an announcement about a new organ that a church committee is thinking about purchasing.  He also mentioned the pastor, who resigned last week, would be leaving at the beginning of July.  Really?  Seriously?  I just had to laugh (on the inside).  So, I know that the life of this church doesn’t revolve around us.  I also know that the life and career decisions of this particular pastor don’t revolve around us.  But, come on.  We had finally made a decision of where we wanted to be and commit to.  And the reason for our decision was leaving.

I don’t really know what’s next for us church-wise.  It just seems like everything around us is slow moving, including our decision-making.


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