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Well, there’s raised bed gardening and square foot gardening (I think these are basically the same thing).  I’m experimenting with a different kind of gardening.  Potted plants on your porch gardening.  My gardening partner is busier than expected (two of her kids are getting married this summer), so the garden that was going to go in her backyard is on hold.  Our yard is as shady as ever, with the best sun showing up on our porch.  Also, I’ve heard horror stories of deer and rabbits eating all the garden’s produce, and I’m hoping that deer won’t come up to our house to nibble our goodies. Mildred, the gardening mentor, has two fences around her garden along with rattling plastic bags to scare off the predators.  So, the porch it is.   As of now, I’ve got a variety of herbs (sage, cilantro, parsley, chives, lavender) and some flowers.  I’m growing basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash from seed.  Now, I know that its silly of me to think that squash will do well in a pot.  In my defense, at the time of planting my seedlings I thought some of the seedlings might actually go into the ground as opposed to pots.  I’m not sure what to do with the squash seedlings now.  Yesterday I kept asking Gregg if the pots that I have are big enough and if tomatoes, cukes, and bell peppers will do well in them.  Do you ever ask a question just to get an answer you are looking for?  Yes, the pots are big enough.  Yes, the veggies will do great in them.  I think I’ll have to get some bigger pots and then keep my fingers crossed that they’ll grow well in them.  When I see the teeny tiny seedlings, I forget that they are going to grow up and up and up, and I forget that there are root systems growing underneath the soil that need plenty of space to do their thing.

I was feeling down about my seedlings, since some of them were getting “leggy,” as Gregg says.  But, I’m happy to say that since they’ve been nestled onto the porch and out of the sunroom they have really started to take off.  I do have couple of concerns.  The wind really picks up on the back of our porch, so I get worried that they’ll get too windblown.  Also, I want the porch garden to look pretty, but, as of now, it doesn’t.  Its a mishmash of old pots that I found in our shed squeezed onto the sunny corner of our porch.  Its not Better Homes and Gardens or Southern Living.  Maybe they do look pretty in their own way.  I’m not sure what magazine would feature them, maybe something like Work with What You’ve Got.

But, I’m in luck.  A gardening guru is coming our way this weekend.  My father-in-law Phil spends his evenings and weekends tending to his flock of plants.  I’m hoping he’ll be able to give me some pointers.


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