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I don’t know what I’d do if we ever lived in a new house.  A house where there were enough closets to actually hold all of our clothes and other belongings.  A house where the hardwood floors were level and didn’t dip and dive when you walked around on them.  A house without old wood molding along the ceiling and door frames.  A house without exposed piping or a house where appliances didn’t leak or break, but drained and cleaned and worked properly.  I can’t imagine living in a place without floor units to heat it in the winter.

I wouldn’t even say that I have a love/hate relationship with old houses.  I just love them, and they feel more homey to me than any new house ever would.  I certainly see the appeal of a new house though.  To have a house with a garage attached to it.  I can’t imagine.  To have enough outlets to plug in your electronic devices without each one becoming a small fire hazard.  No chipped paint, no wallpaper, no cracks in the wall, a house just to be lived in and not to be fixed up.  I guess every house becomes an old house eventually, and if you wanted to live in a new house you’d have to move every year or two to keep up.

Oh yeah, I forgot about stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.  I’m not sure if these go with any new house or just nice and fancy new ones.  They certainly go with the picture I have of our nice, new, non-existent house.

Our dryer is yellow and we have air conditioning units in our windows.  Our downstairs is about 20 degrees cooler than our upstairs since we rarely turn the A/C units on upstairs.  But its home.  Its finally feeling like home to us.  Now we just need to bring some people into it to keep us company.

P.S.  Have you noticed that every story on NPR ends with a cheesy line to wrap up the story?  I think I do that, too.



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