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I have an interview on the Eastern Shore February 27th.  We move to the Eastern Shore January 24th.  If my math is correct, I’ll have over a month before my interview, and, then, if hired, probably another month before I start working.  I quit my job in Knoxville over a month ago, so I feel like my stint of fun-employment has run its course.  But, obviously, with an interview that won’t happen until the end of February, that is not the case.

Today I started thinking about how I wanted to spend my time on the Eastern Shore during my continued run of fun-employment.  My first thought was to get a job.  I’m not quite sure what the logic was here.  I think it was more fear than logic that was driving me.  Then, other ideas came to mind: walk, read, unpack & settle into our new house, write, knit, explore our new place.  These sound more fitting.  I’m not sure how scheduled I want to be, but I think some structure may be helpful.

Our conversation at small group last night led me to these thoughts of how I can be intentional with my time.  We were talking about financial planning as it relates to our life goals.  A community that Gregg and I were a part of in San Francisco has been using this budget worksheet to guide their conversation.  We followed their lead.  For me, naming my life goals was surprisingly helpful in guiding my financial goals.  My life goals involved family, life/work balance, art, and prayer.  My goals are not really about money at all.  If anything, they more about spending or giving than saving.  I think this is what came up for me because I tend to hold onto my money tightly.

While saving was one of my goals, giving was a bigger one.    Specifically, I wrote on my worksheet “spend freely, but not too freely.”  As in, feel free to splurge every once in a while.  On a meal, on a person, on art.  I won’t be able to spend too freely during my fun-employment, of course, but our conversation served as a stepping stone for intentionality, both with time and money.

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