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Do I have anything to say?  I have a lot of thoughts, a lot that goes on in my mind/heart/spirit.  I have a lot to say in one-on-one conversations with those that care about what I have to say.  But putting it all out there into the blogosphere of the world wide web?  Many insecurities come up in me: What will people think?  Am I too late?  Have I missed the boat of starting a blog? Again, what will people think?  I’ve seen the wide variety of blogs that belong to friends and strangers.  I have seen it be a very helpful way for people to process what’s privately going on in a public way.  A public journal, so to speak.  The blogs that I like best are the ones that, after reading them, I come away feeling better.  I’m refreshed with thoughts of “I’m not the only one” or “I can relate to that”  or “That was so thoughtful/insightful/inspiring.”  I’ve seen people have blogs for a wide variety of reasons, but the private/public processing is what is drawing me to actually start one.  That, and the fact the my husband is starting one and he may or may not let me be a part of it.  Screw that (can I say that?).  I’ll start my own.  Hesitantly.

We are moving to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  My feelings on the move pretty much run the gamut of emotions.  My fears run a similar gamut.  I have an endless list of questions that all begin with “What if?”  My sister-in-law sent me an email that wasn’t meant to be encouraging, but ended up being just what I needed to hear.  Today, she said.  When talking about trusting God, she said, that today is all that we need to worry about or think about.  Now, how many times have I heard that before?  For some reason it hit me this morning, and I want to actually live into it today.  Imagine that, actually living into something that is wise and good and true.  Something that can actually bring peace.  So, here goes nothing.  Today, I’m stepping into the blog world and hoping for peace.

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