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Call me crazy.  Call me a wannabe high schooler, but I love tv shows about high school.  Saved by the Bell, 90210, Dawson’s Creek, Glee.  I’ve always been a sucker for this slice of pop culture.  I remember telling my mom that I couldn’t wait to get to high school because something exciting happens every day.  I said this based on my practice of watching Saved by the Bell every day after elementary school.  It wasn’t true.  The exciting things happening part.  But, that doesn’t stop me from still loving that time period.

Ahhh…Glee.  High school AND pop songs AND songs from musicals.  What more can I girl ask for?   I cry every time I watch that show.  The music just gets to me.  I’ve been behind on the episodes.  So, I did it.  I finally watched the show.  In.  The.  Library.  I thought I’d be more embarrassed than I am.  But that show just makes me so happy.



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